4.1 - LB Hazelnut Chocolate Paste (400 gm)_1

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 400G


Thick, glossy and spreadable in texture. There’s a strong hazelnut flavour with a sweet and creamy milky back note.
Product Packing Size: 1x 400g Bottle


Thick, glossy and spreadable in texture. Aromatic and enrich taste of freshly roasted hazelnut combined with milk chocolate that gives a strong hazelnut and creamy milky endnote.
Product Packing Size : 1x 400g Bottle

The Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is complied and certified with Halal, HACCP, MeSTI and GMP standard.

Storage Condition:
Store the product in a cool and dry location, away from heat source and direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

(This product is manufactured on the shared equipment that also processes products containing hazelnut, peanuts and other treenuts, milk, soy and wheat)


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